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Financial Aid

Students must be enrolled in OFF-400 for 12 credit hours for both semesters, and year-long study abroad trips. After applying for financial aid and scholarships, the student must enroll for loan deferment, insurance, etc. To find out which types of financial aid and scholarships your student is eligible for during Summer Study Abroad, contact the Office of Financial Aid.

Financial Aid Office

Doane's Travel Scholarship

Students can use their $1,000 travel scholarship towards studying abroad during the fall, spring, or summer as long as they are taking a minimum of three credit hours.

Students in a program that requires studying abroad can receive scholarships and aid for a full semester, or $2,000 for a summer experience. Students in the Honors Program must enroll in ISEP study abroad programs to be eligible to receive full funding for a semester or the $2,000 for the summer program.

Insurance Requirements

Doane has established insurance requirements for you to study abroad. This condition is for the safety of our students and to ease approaching unexpected accidents or health issues. You can obtain this type of insurance coverage through your own personal Provider Insurance or through iNext International Insurance.

There are many options for insurance, and your family's insurance provider may also offer a type of short-term international insurance. Be sure to select the option that is most appropriate for you. Please note, some study abroad centers or programs will provide the necessary amount of insurance or may require additional insurance coverage.

Doane's Insurance Requirements

  • Accident and Medical: $50,000
  • Sickness and Hospitalization: $165/a day
  • Emergency Medical Evacuation: $65,000
  • Repatriation of Remains: $15,000