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For Students and Alumni

For Students and Alumni

We offer a variety of career-related services. The best way to benefit from them? Make an appointment!

That way we can customize our meeting to be all about you - your interests, questions, goals and future!

Career Exploration

Our resources can help guide your decision making as you identify your interests, select your major, and connect them to a career field.


We can help you learn and build on your academic work through an internship. Plus employers tend to hire people with internship experience (and hire their own interns).

Graduate & Professional School

Is it right for you? We have information to help you decide the answer. If it is 'yes,' we have all the details on the admissions process and more.

resumé Development

From the format to content, we can help you tailor your resumé to your job history and skills as well as to the jobs you are interested in.

Interview Preparation

From one-on-one sessions to mock interviews, we can help you get ready to interview successfully.