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Astr103An illustration of a telescope.

Introductory Astronomy

ASTR 103

4 Credits

Biology I

BIOL 125

4 Credits
> Biology 126An illustration of a microscope and cellS.

Biology II

BIOL 126

4 Credits
> Biology 210An illustration of a book.

Medical Terminology

BIOL 210

3 Credits
Biology 215An illustration of a person and cells.

Human Anatomy and Physiology I

BIOL 215

4 Credits
Biology 216An illustration of a person, cells, and lungs.

Human Anatomy and Physiology II

BIOL 216

4 Credits
Biology 219An illustration of DNA, cells, and lungs.


BIOL 219

3 Credits
Biology 225An illustration of DNA.


BIOL 225

3 Credits
Biology 295An illustration of a monitor with a graph.


BIOL 295

3 Credits


BIOL 330

4 Credits
Biology 333An illustration of a microscope and cell.


BIOL 333

4 Credits
Biology 343An illustration of cells.


BIOL 343

3 Credits
Biology 353An illustration of cells and tissue.


BIOL 353

3 Credits


BIOL 355

4 Credits


BIOL 356

4 Credits
Biology 363An illustration of a molecule.

Molecular Biology

BIOL 363

4 Credits

International Business & Economics

BUSN 601

3 Credits
Chem125An illustration of a mixing jar.

General Chemistry I

CHEM 125

4 Credits
Chem126An illustration of test tubes and beakers.

General Chemistry II

CHEM 126

4 Credits
Chem205An illustration of a molecule.

Organic Chemistry I

CHEM 205

4 Credits
Chem206An illustration of a DNA.

Organic Chemistry II

CHEM 206

4 Credits


CHEM 260

3 Credits
Chem330An illustration of a test tube.

Biochemistry I

CHEM 330

4 Credits

Public Speaking

COMS 210

3 Credits

Fundamentals of Computational Science

CPST 210

3 Credits
Econ 203An illustration of a briefcase.

Macroeconomics and Literacy

ECON 203

3 Credits
Econ 204An illustration of a shopping cart and box.

Microeconomics and Business

ECON 204

3 Credits
English 101An illustration of a pen and paper.

English Composition I: Writing Seminar

ENGL 101

3 Credits

English Composition II: Writing Arguments

ENGL 102

3 Credits
Geo 101An illustration of a beaker and the Earth.

Environmental Geology

GEOL 101

4 Credits

Introduction to Meteorology

GEOL 107

4 Credits
HLHP 209An illustration of an apple, brocolli, and fish.


HLHP 209

3 Credits

Exercise Physiology

HLHP 345

4 Credits
HLHP 346An illustration of a microscope and cell.

Kinesiology/Applied Biomechanics

HLHP 346

3 Credits

Cultural Aspects of Health and Illness

HSCI 220

3 Credits

Health Care Policy in US

HSCI 315

3 Credits

Health Care Information Systems

HSCI 330

3 Credits

Cannabis Industry:
From Seeds to Needs

IDST 271

3 Credits

Multimedia and Video Production

INDT 660

3 Credits

Introduction to Design Thinking

INDT 665

3 Credits

Game Strategies and Motivation

INDT 670

3 Credits

College Algebra

MATH 105

3 Credits

Introductory Statistics

MATH 110

3 Credits
MATH 125An illustration of math symbols.


MATH 125

4 Credits
MATH 235An illustration of a triangle.

Calculus I

MATH 235

4 Credits

Calculus II

MATH 236

4 Credits
PHRE 111An illustration of an atomic heart.


PHRE 111

3 Credits
Phy107An illustration of a math equation.

Introductory Physics I (Algebra-based)

PHYS 107

4 Credits
Phy108An illustration of an apple falling.

Introductory Physics II (Algebra-based)

PHYS 108

4 Credits
Phy201An illustration of a triangle and math symbol.

General Physics I (Calculus-based)

PHYS 201

4 Credits
Phy202An illustration of an atom.

General Physics II (Calculus-based)

PHYS 202

4 Credits

Medical Spanish

SPAN 210

3 Credits
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I have taken other science courses online and they do not compare with how well this course was designed. The way these courses are designed ensures that we're learning the material while providing practical hands-on lessons and assignments.

Carson Moore
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