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Get a head start on your Master of Business Administration (MBA) or Master of Arts in Management (MAM)

New in 2019, full-time undergraduate students enrolled on the Crete campus will be able to take one graduate-level business course during each of their last two semesters.


  • Get a head start on an advanced degree by taking graduate courses
  • The streamlined application process for joining the MBA or MAM program upon graduation
  • Waiver of the $50 application fee to apply to the MBA or MAM program upon graduation

Participation Requirements

  • Current full-time undergraduate student on the Crete residential campus
  • Enrolled in at least 12 undergraduate credit hours
  • Minimum cumulative GPA of 3.25 by the start of your first graduate course
  • Have completed 90 credit hours (senior standing) before the start of your first graduate course

Course Details

  • All of the graduate courses will be online and 8 weeks in length
  • Courses during the fall semester will be taught: August  – October
  • Courses during the spring semester will be taught: January – March

Course Cost

Financial aid is not available for costs related to these graduate classes.

  • $0 cost if your total course load including the graduate course is less than 18 hours
  • $575 per credit hour for each hour over 18 credit hours
  • $30 per credit hour technology fee for the online course

Courses Options

Required core courses in MBA and MAM programs. Take no more than one per semester.

BUS 601: International Business and Economics

Available Fall and Spring semesters
Students learn how political, economic, and cultural differences affect the business functions and practices of management, human resource management, marketing, and finance.

BUS 602: Human Resource Management

Available Spring semester
A focus on the field of human resource planning at the organizational level.

BUS 604: Organizational Behavior

Available Fall semester
A focus on the theory underlying individual behavior in organizations and the application of that theory to managerial issues that are present in today's organizations.

Enroll in the Degree+ Program

First, discuss your eligibility with your advisor, then register using the Degree+ Program interest form. Once the Registrar’s Office verifies that you meet the requirements, you will be enrolled in your selected course.

Complete the Degree+ Interest Form

If you have questions about Doane’s Degree+ Program contact:
Dr. Jen Bossard - College of Arts & Sciences

Dr. Deb Sepich - College of Professional Studies


Program Details

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

30 credit hours are required
The MBA degree focuses on the technical elements of business management, both from an operational and strategic standpoint, and equips students with rational decision-making skills.

Master of Arts in Management (MAM)

36 credit hours are required
The MAM program places organizational leadership in a liberal arts context. A MAM degree can help you manage and lead in any industry.

Course Number Course Title MBA MAM
BUS 601 International Business and Economics Core Requirement Elective
BUS 602 Human Resources Management
Choose either BUS 602 or 604
Core Requirement Core Requirement
BUS 604 Advanced Organizational Behavior
Choose either BUS 602 or 604
Core Requirement Core Requirement
BUS 612 Managerial Accounting
Waived if B- or higher in ACC 335*
Core Requirement  
BUS 614 Financial Management Core Requirement  
BUS 640 Analytics and Decisions Sciences Core Requirement  
BUS 641 Strategic Marketing Core Requirement  
BUS 642 Administrative Strategy and Policy Core Requirement  
BUS 613 Becoming a Masterful Writer   Core Requirement
BUS 603 Ethics & Social Responsibility   Core Requirement
BUS 606 Financial Issues for Managers   Core Requirement
BUS 607 Strategic Management   Core Requirement
Emphasis Areas (9 credit hours)
Nonprofit and Public Administration (EdX)
Supply Chain Management (EdX)
Data Analytics (EdX)
Project Management
Human Resources Management
Tailored Option (3 courses from multiple emphasis area)
Core Requirement
Choose One
Core Requirement
Choose One
Capstone (9 credit hours, completed after core courses and emphasis area)
Developing Leader Coaches
Research & Scholarship
  Core Requirement
Choose One

*Must take a different course to satisfy the 30 credit hour requirement