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Tigers Together

We Are Doane University

Doane’s halls have been emptied due to the coronavirus pandemic, an unprecedented global event. But Doane is more than its physical facilities. Every Tiger, everywhere, we are still Doane University. We’ll see this through. We’ll fill these halls again, and we can’t wait for the day we are Tigers together again.

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Dr. Arin Sutlief and Dr. Andrea Holmes

Cannabis Testing Laboratories becomes first ISO-certified lab in Nebraska

July 14, 2020

Cannabis Testing Laboratories (CTL), a wholly owned subsidiary whose parent company is Doane University, has become the first cannabis testing lab in Nebraska.

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Spring Commencement ceremony postponed to Sept. 20

July 2, 2020

Doane University has announced it plans to hold its postponed spring Commencement ceremony on Sunday, September 20.

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Marissa DeWispelare - Math with an emphasis in Secondary Education

Success Story

The education department here is phenomenal. I knew that this was the place to be if I wanted to be a teacher.

Marissa DeWispelare ’17

Math with an emphasis in Secondary Education

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